The Solar Section website is open! Here you will find information for all things Solar within JHUAPL: details, raw data and results from our past and future balloon and rocket projects; high level data products and pretty images from the telescopes aboard the STEREO mission; and results from our research activities funded by NASA, NSF and DoD.


A selection of recent publications from the Solar Section team:

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The Solar Section team is heavily involved in Scientific Ballooning, Solar Probe Plus and Solar Orbiter science and the STEREO and SOHO missions. The APL team includes three full-time APL staff and a young scientist (on-site contractor). The team is augmented by colleagues working either part-time at APL or visiting frequently.

APL Staff

  • Angelos Vourlidas (Section Supervisor): CMEs, Space Weather, space instrumentation
  • Pietro Bernasconi: Magnetic Field observations and magnetographs, Filaments, balloon instrumentation
  • Nour E. Raouafi: Coronal Spectroscopy and polarimetry, plumes, jets, shocks, Comets

On-Site Contractors

  • Ryun-Young Kwon (GMU): CMEs, shocks, 3D reconstruction techniques

Part-Time Contractors

  • Laura Balmaceda (GMU): CMEs, Image Processing


  • Neel Savani (UMBC): CMEs, Space Weather, MHD Modeling
  • Teresa Nieves-Chinchilla (CUA): In-situ observations, ICME reconstructions, MHD modeling


The Solar Section maintains strong ties with the Solar & Heliospheric Physics Branch at the U.S. Naval Research Laboratory and the Solar Physics Laboratory at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. It collaborates extensively with scientists from the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, University of Göttingen, Germany, University of Ioaninna, Greece.