Combined COR2 - HI-1 – HI-2 PC-Maps

Tracking Solar Transients in the Inner Heliosphere

Brief Description

This is a repository of Plate Carrée maps (PC-maps) combining observations from COR2, HI-1, and HI-2 telescopes. The maps are created by projecting running difference images from COR2, HI_1 and HI_2 onto a "modified" composite cylindrical (Plate Carrée) grid (helioprojective-radial). The maps are created at 30-minute cadence for the entire STEREO mission for both STEREO-A and B. The latitude (radius) axis is stretched 4x to accentuate detail in the radial direction (hence 'modified'). The maps are produced at JPL and mirrored here. They usually lag from real time by three to several days.


The computationally-intensive production of the PC-maps expedites solar transient analysis via elongation-time maps (so-called 'j-maps') using the software tool SATPLOT (available in the secchi software tree of SolarSoft).

A SATPLOT user manual and sample scripts are available at:

The PC-maps are the intermediate product that must be downloaded in order to construct a j-map. They can be downloaded from APL (STEREO-A or STEREO-B) for the time period of interest. We recommend coping and editing the example_download.csh shell and editing it. CME tracks can also be fit to both the "fixed-Phi" and "Harmonic Mean" models to determine trajectories; fitting programs were supplied by Christian Moestl, U. of Graz, Austria; the PC maps were constructed by Jeff Hayes and Paulett Liewer (JPL).

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